Nipple Vasospasm – a reason for your breastfeeding pain

Understanding nipple pain when breastfeeding blog post - Charlotte Ingram

Nipple Vasospasm- What is it, and what can you do about it? Maurice Raynaud first described vasospasm of the arterioles in 1862. It causes an intermittent restriction of blood flow, which is often seen as blanching or paleness. When the reflex dilation of the blood vessels occurs, a colour change to purple or red is […]

Celebrating the end of breastfeeding

Celebrating finishing breastfeeding blog post - Charlotte Ingram

Celebrating the end of your breastfeeding relationship Whether you’ve been breastfeeding for a short or long time, marking the end of this significant milestone can be an important step in honouring your motherhood journey. Why celebrate? Each of my 3 babies was difficult to breastfeed! Baby number one was cracked and bleeding nipples, nipple shields, […]

Post weaning depression and mood changes

Post weaning mental health and mood changes blog post - Charlotte Ingram

Postpartum depression generally refers to an episode of major depression that begins within a specified time after birthing. This is generally 4-6 weeks; however, women remain at risk for developing depression for months following the birth of a baby. It has been hypothesised that the combination of psychological and hormonal changes, including the symbolic meaning […]