Naturopathic pregnancy care

Feel supported and empowered during your pregnancy and leading into your birth.

Looking after yourself during pregnancy goes hand in hand with looking after your growing baby.

We can work on optimising your overall physical and emotional health to help you feel supported and empowered for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Naturopathic care in pregnancy can assist with:

Antenatal and postpartum support in Belgrave Heights - Charlotte Ingram


Initial consultation (up to 60 minutes) $195

Return consultation (up to 30 minutes) $90

Acute consultations (up to 15 minutes) $50 — suitable only for existing clients with an acute complaint e.g. cough, cold, mastitis.

Extended naturopathy consultation (up to 45 minutes) $120 — if it has been more than 12 months since your last visit, please book this appointment to allow adequate time.

Included in the cost of each appointment is

Consultation time

Pre-appointment preparation – review of case history or past consultations

Review of past test results and/or current test results

Communication with other professionals in your care team – e.g. liasing with your midwives, GP, specialist, bodywork professional

Generating referrals for any functional pathology testing (testing is at your own cost)

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